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Overview of Semaglutide for Weight Loss

Semaglutide is an incretin mimetic medication that was originally approved for treating type 2 diabetes, but has also shown impressive results for inducing weight loss when prescribed specifically for that purpose.

Unlike most other weight loss medications that simply suppress appetite, semaglutide helps regulate appetite and calorie intake by acting similar to the naturally occurring incretin hormone GLP-1. By stimulating GLP-1 receptors, semaglutide:

In 2021, the FDA approved a weekly injection called Wegovy specifically for chronic weight management. When used along with diet and exercise, semaglutide can lead to significant weight loss in patients with obesity or who are overweight with at least one weight-related health issue.

How Semaglutide Promotes Weight Loss

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Potential Benefits of Weight Loss with Semaglutide

Successful weight loss on semaglutide provides both cosmetic improvement and reductions in obesity-related health risks like:

Most patients lose 5-15% of their starting body weight over 3-5 months. Some may lose up to 20%. The more weight lost, the greater the expected health benefits.

Diagnosing the Need for Semaglutide Weight Loss Treatment

To qualify for prescription semaglutide for weight loss, certain diagnostic criteria must be met. A medical assessment includes:

Confirming Overweight or Obesity Status

Body mass index (BMI) is used to estimate weight categories:

A BMI over 25 along with at least one weight-related condition may warrant semaglutide. A BMI over 30 qualifies for treatment based on obesity alone.

Assessing Weight Loss Readiness

The prescribing provider will discuss:

This helps determine appropriateness of semaglutide therapy and set the stage for optimal outcomes.

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Starting Semaglutide Treatment Protocol

Initiating semaglutide weight loss injections is a straightforward process, but does require some preparation.

Prescription and Ordering

Insurance Coverage

Compounding pharmacies offer more flexibility with costs, but insurance reimbursement varies.

Dosage Schedule

The gradual ramp-up minimizes side effects like nausea. The full appetite-suppressing effects are generally seen at the 1 mg dose.

Injection Training

Most patients are able to inject on their own without difficulty.

What to Expect When Taking Semaglutide

Although results vary, most patients achieve gradual but progressive weight loss over 3-6 months on semaglutide. Close medical monitoring helps ensure optimal outcomes.

Follow-Up Visits

Frequent contact, especially early on, allows quick intervention for any issues with tolerance or efficacy.

Typical Weight Loss Patterns

There is significant variability in responses. Patience through initial water weight fluctuations is advised.

Diet and Lifestyle Support

Lifestyle changes amplify semaglutide effects for greater, quicker results.

Potential Side Effects

Proper hydration and dose titration help minimize adverse effects. Most diminish over time.

Long-Term Maintenance After Weight Loss

Sustaining weight loss success is crucial for preserving improved health from semaglutide treatment. Ongoing medical and lifestyle support facilitates maintenance.

Assessment of Goal Achievement

Quantifying positive outcomes provides encouragement and keeps patients motivated.

Medication Continuation

Staying on treatment sustains appetite regulation and helps avoid backslides.

Lifestyle Habit Reinforcement

Keeping patients accountable improves compliance with lifestyle changes.

Weight Maintenance Medications

Adjunctive medication prevents or slows weight regain.

Start your weight loss journey with semaglutide.

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